5 Ways Managed IT Will Save Your Business Money

Money is great. Who doesn’t like money? Who doesn’t like to save money? If you work in business, making and saving money should be high on your list of priorities. Did you know that a properly managed IT system will help you save tons of money each year? Here are 5 ways how:

Control Cost

No more will you have to fret over paying outsourced businesses by the hour to fix your problems every time they break. With managed IT services, you become proactive, as opposed to reactive. What this means is that instead of having to scurry about last minute frantically trying to fix your IT problems in a reactive manner, you’ll never need to worry about those problems again. Your IT service provider will be able to monitor your systems 24/7 and stop anything bad from happening the moment it happens. All for one monthly cost!

Lack of Skilled Employees

Depending on where you live, and where your business operates, can greatly affect your human resources. Major cities like Toronto don’t have this problem. There is a plethora of professionals all just a phone call away. However, if you happen to live in a more rural area, there may not be so many people to choose from. You may be stuck hiring subpar talent, or paying through the roof to hire professionals. This is all taken care of with managed IT services. With a vast network of connections, employees, and resources you can be sure your service provider will be able to provide you with top of the line IT support.


Managed IT service providers have a wide network from whom they can draw resources. If they can’t help you with a particular problem, chances are they know the exact person who can. With the ever changing field of technology, it is impossible to stay up-to-date on the latest innovations. Let the IT professionals worry about it for you!

Training Costs

How many hours do you need to put into training new IT staff before they’re comfortable with your environment? Do you pay for certifications for them? Do you send them off to conferences to learn about new tools? Well, with managed IT service providers, you no longer need to worry about those costs! The only cost you pay is your monthly fee to the company. They handle all the training for their staff, saving you countless amounts of money! Win-win!

Save Time

No more down-time when things go wrong. No more training new employees. No more hunting for talent. No more negotiating salaries, signing contracts. No more dealing with late employees, or hard to solve problems. With a managed IT service provider, they take care of everything! Leaving the important tasks required of running your business to you. Think of the hours you’ll save when you don’t need to worry about your IT any longer.

MicroAge is your one-stop shop for anything and everything IT. Not only can we sell you hardware and support it. But we are also a fully managed IT service provider. If you’re tired of wasting time and money, and always worrying about the next problem, then talk to me today about how MicroAge might just be the next best thing for your business!

Get the most from your IT

As service providers to more than 300 companies, the dedicated professionals at MicroAge are second to none when it comes to managed services. By improving efficiency, cutting costs and reducing downtime, we can help you achieve your business goals!

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