3 Reasons Why End User Training is Important for Your Business

As technology advances and continues to change with each passing day, so too do the threats to our businesses. With every new update to software, new technological innovation, new environmental refresh, comes the need to ensure your staff are kept fully up-to-date with the goings-on. We’ve all been there before: software we’ve been using comfortably for years gets an update and now out of nowhere we have no idea what we’re doing. Now, changing technology and software updates surely cause an annoyance to you and your staff, but given a bit of time you’ll adjust and things will move on.

However, one area of end user training which is often overlooked is cybersecurity training. This can entail things such as how to detect spam/phishing emails, safe browsing techniques, or what to do when you have a computer virus.

To that end, here are three reasons why I think end user training is important for your business.


In order to keep your business as safe as possible, you must train your employees on cybersecurity. By teaching them what it is they need to be weary of, they will begin to be able to recognize illegitimate from legitimate emails, phone calls, attachments, links, etc. This provides one extra layer of security on top of any firewalls or antiviruses you may already have in place. And when it comes to protecting your data and your business, no security should be too much.


By teaching your employees about the threats your business faces and what those threats are, you can teach them why they are a threat to your business. There are a lot of new laws and regulations in place such as PCIGDPR, and now the new changes coming to Canadian data laws in November 2018. Giving your employees even a basic understanding about what these are, and how they affect your business are a good place to start teaching your employees why data protection is important.


After teaching your employees what to look out for and why, the last step is to teach them how to avoid these problems. This can involve lessons such as how to recognize a spam email, what to do if you find a malicious link or attachment in an email. This can also include reaction measures such as what to do if you’ve been hacked, and who to report this issue to.

Cybersecurity is no joke. Every day thousands of businesses are hit by an attack, costing hundreds of thousands of dollars. Can you afford to be put out of business by some punk behind a computer screen? Of course not! It is time to take a stand and fight back against these hackers!

What do you do to help keep your business protected from cybercrime? Talk to me to find out some more information and how to help reduce your risk today.

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3 Reasons Why End User Training is Important for Your Business

As technology advances and continues to change with each passing day, so too do the threats to our businesses. With every new update to software,…

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