What Is Workstation Monitoring?

Workstation monitoring – also known as supervision or surveillance – is being adopted by more and more companies of all sizes. By allowing you to monitor the smooth operation of each workstation and detect malfunctions in the machines, it contributes to the proper functioning of the whole organization’s computer system. But what does workstation monitoring involve?

Measure machine availability and performance

Regularly checking the physical condition of the workstations lets you optimize the management of your fleet and anticipate breakdowns. Thanks to workstation monitoring, it’s possible to monitor each computer, regardless of its operating system, server, or PC under Windows, Mac OS, or Linux, and in particular:

  • the physical condition of the machine by establishing a reliability diagnosis to anticipate hard drive errors: for example, the temperature of the machine and the status of the hard drive are checked.
  • the load of the workstation: the number of users, the requests, and the network throughput are analyzed in order to verify the compatibility of the configuration of the workstation with the required performance.
  • the application uptime, and in particular the programs used and their response time
  • the network performance: the throughput, latency, error rates, and service quality are analyzed.

Test the effectiveness of the security measures

Another major benefit of workstation monitoring is that it lets you test the effectiveness of the security measures and analyze the types of threats of computer attacks. With surveillance, it’s therefore possible:

  • to detect the presence of corrupted files thanks to the messages written in the system logs and analyze their origin
  • to identify the attacks foiled by a firewall and analyze them in order to prevent the vulnerabilities of the routers, switches, and firewalls
  • to obtain reports on the status of the security settings and the malware execution
  • to identify and prevent violations of security rules and compatibility requirements.

Optimize maintenance time and increase system reliability

With workstation monitoring, failures and incidents that can compromise the sustainability of the activities are anticipated, which allows the business to implement measures to avoid breakdowns and ensure the continuity of production.

Workstation monitoring solutions also make it possible to obtain an overview of all the devices and inspect them.

The return on investment of workstation monitoring tools following technical breakdowns is excellent, since production downtime, which costs companies quite dearly, is avoided. The number and duration of the disturbances are also reduced, which allows you to optimize the productive periods of the users.

As soon as an anomaly is detected, an alert is immediately sent via email and text, warning the person in charge in real time so they can intervene quickly. Depending on the problem detected, it’s solved either by remote maintenance or on site.

Thanks to the data collected, monitoring solutions offer tracking of the evolution of the computer system and the network and help thwart future failures, which helps increase the reliability of the system.

They also offer the advantage of the sound planning of migration projects, and they reduce their duration, costs, and complexity.

Workstation monitoring is just one of the IT risk prevention measures. Making it possible to analyze the status of the workstations in real time, it helps increase the reliability of the whole system by preventing breakdowns and cyberattacks.

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