The 6 Wi-Fi Threats That Target Businesses

Today, more and more devices are leveraging Wi-Fi connectivity in the workplace. And this trend isn’t expected to slow down anytime soon; while your employees and customers demand access to fast Wi-Fi, you might not know the huge gap it’s leaving in your security. There are 6 different types of Wi-Fi Threats that target your business. And if you and your employees are not careful, it will be an entry point for cyber-attackers.

Do you know the 6 Wi-Fi threats that could impact YOUR business?

So here’s the bad news: Your current Wi-Fi solution likely can’t block any of the threats above, and it certainly can’t protect your business from ALL of them happening at the same time.

The good news? MicroAge’s leading edge Wi-Fi Security Solutions protect your organization against malicious attacks, attempted access, WiFi scanning and bandwidth abuse. Click here for a Free Consultation or call us at 450-231-6246

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