Why You Should Rely Upon IT Services to Backup Your Data

Today’s increased volumes of data require companies to find secure backup solutions that can handle this volume. In order to evaluate if it is better to administer these solutions internally or to outsource them, organizations must gauge their interest in using external IT services to backup their computer data.

Select a Partner That Can Provide a Customized Solution That Is Economical and Scalable

When choosing to outsource data backup, find a reliable partner to entrust with this strategic mission. Even though a relationship between a business and its supplier is based on trust, a partnership must also be based on objective criteria, technological expertise, and the supplier’s ability to commit to service levels, in order to properly meet the customer’s expectations. Add to this transparency, a suitable way to control the service (such as daily backup reports to ensure processes are running smoothly) as well as maintaining control over the use of data.

When backups are done by an external service provider, the business also benefits from real-time access to additional storage capacity. Outsourced solutions are scalable and a business can instantly switch to a solution with greater capacity than it requires, without investing in hardware.

Critical for business, data management is a time-consuming task that expends a lot of resources without necessarily bringing any return on investment. By entrusting an external IT department with this responsibility, it helps to reduce fixed-cost investments in hardware because the business pays only for the backup services it uses.

Backup Processes Guaranteeing Maximum Security

As backup specialists, external IT services choose the best solutions to preserve and archive their customers’ data while taking measures that ensure maximum security. They implement:

  • Local and cloud backup: For security reasons, IT services backup data both locally and on the cloud. Today, online backup is just as secure as local server backup. Account passwords and data encryption prohibit unauthorized users from accessing the data in the cloud. Furthermore, the data is always available and can be immediately restored at any time, and from anywhere, especially in the event of a problem. This differs from local backups, which are not immune to theft, destruction or even a hardware failure.
  • Backup tests: Backup files must be tested once the backup is complete. External IT services do this regularly to verify the file quality.
  • Log reports: Periodic log reports help you to understand what has happened on your computer systems and applications, to explain an error or a crash, to retrace a user’s path on a network, or even to alert you in case of a significant change like a system start-up or shut-down.
  • A recovery plan in case of data loss: It is not uncommon for a business to experience a disaster, whether from natural causes or equipment failure. Outsourced IT services create IT disaster recovery plans in the event the IT systems cease functioning. The goal of the recovery strategy is to recover the company’s pre-defined crucial data and restore its operations within established timeframes.

There are many advantages in using external IT services to backup your computer data. The business will benefit from a customized, flexible and scalable solution, without requiring any investment in equipment. It also benefits from backup procedures designed to guarantee data security. It’s an ideal solution, provided that you partner with a reliable IT service provider.

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