Managing Your Company’s Mobile Devices Shouldn’t Be Complicated

With the growing use of phones and tablets within the professional context, businesses have to implement a secure, effective system for managing mobile devices. Today, there are solutions that let you optimally manage fleets made up of smartphones, tablets, and laptops.

Implement a good MDM solution

Designed to manage the deployment, integration, administration, surveillance, and protection of mobile devices within the company, the MDM (Mobile Device Management) solution pursues three objectives:

  • be functional for the users, which will improve their performance
  • save time for the manager
  • guarantee security for the company’s devices and networks

The standardization of applications

Today, each employee must be able to access productivity tools, back-office systems, and reporting applications from anywhere and at any time via their mobile devices, which have become a real alternative to PCs. These days, applications for mobile devices are as important as web portals or any other interface, manage increasingly complex tasks, and offer more features. With the standardization of professional applications, it’s now no longer necessary to build a specification and develop an expensive, time-consuming custom solution to meet the company’s needs in terms of responsiveness. The available mobile applications are flexible enough to adapt to the company’s specific needs without any specific additional development being necessary.

Security and remote control of mobile devices

The number of mobile devices in circulation in businesses, which is constantly growing, offers great mobility, but also constitutes a real security threat, especially since most employees bring their own mobile devices to work. Nobody hesitates to use their smartphone or tablet to increase efficiency, which proves critical for the company’s overall security and network. As a result, users must follow strict safety instructions, such as using strong passwords and avoiding storing sensitive data on a laptop.

The remote control of mobile devices is an attractive feature, since it lets you configure, install, remove, and manage the entire fleet’s mobile applications and perform diagnostic tests of devices to detect problems: a less time-consuming solution that lets users work freely and be more productive while minimizing risks.

Rely on a professional to validate the management style

In a company, optimal mobile device management must meet three objectives:

  • allow users to work easily and increase their productivity
  • demand as little time as possible from the mobile fleet manager
  • ensure the security of the devices and the company’s networks

Given the challenges, the intervention of an external expert to validate the practices and optimize the solution is highly recommended. As part of an approach focused on simplifying and reinforcing security, mobile device management professionals support companies and advise them:

  • to privilege ready-to-use, self-serve options to streamline the management of tablets and smartphones; that way, they can configure and parameterize all the company’s devices as a block.
  • to authorize the use of the company’s devices for personal use, since this solution is more manageable than using personal devices in a professional setting.
  • to update the operating system on all devices as soon as the new versions are launched, to make sure that they have the latest security features.

The growing use of mobile phones in the workplace is an inescapable phenomenon, hence the need to establish a safe and effective mobile device management solution to optimize the use of smartphones and tablets and improve employee performance while strengthening security.

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