How to Outsource the Right IT Services

How do you know when outsourcing is the right decision for your company? For businesses that can’t find the talent that they need locally, who don’t have the money or resources to hire in-house talent, or need temporary solutions for needs that may not exist in the future, outsourcing is the best option.

Companies who outsource generally choose to not hand over control of their entire IT services, instead opting to outsource just one task or a mix of roles and managing more sensitive roles in-house. The most common services that businesses choose to outsource are:

Data Centers

Storing data eats up resources and requires space that most companies don’t have. Data storage is by far the most common service to outsource.

On-site support

Outsourcing the IT professionals that help fix your everyday tech glitches doesn’t mean you’ll now have to solve all of your issues via phone calls with someone in a distant land. Most companies offer the option to schedule on-site help.

IT Planning

Businesses need professional input when it comes to things like buying software and knowing how to properly store or handle data. Outsourced IT companies can act as consultants for your company to help maintain and plan your IT strategies.

Managed Hosting

IT outsourcing companies can host your software or applications on their servers, which means taking on responsibility when it comes to maintaining and updating your software, as well as ensuring that servers stay up and operational.

Email and Web Hosting

Managing the day to day functions of a web or email server can turn into a full-time job as your company grows. Turning that job over to an outsourcing firm saves you man hours and usually gives you a guarantee, in the form of a Service Level Agreement, about uptime, maintenance, and upgrades.

What kind of services a company chooses to outsource depends on what kind of risks outsourcing poses on their company. If a company handles a large amount of sensitive data, it’s probably wise to keep their IT services in-house, so they can assert as much control as possible over their data. For these types of companies, keeping data safe and secure should be the number one priority over cutting costs or conserving resources. Conversely, companies who handle little to no sensitive data can benefit greatly from outsourcing. It’s important that a company understands their balance between their IT needs and cutting costs, and be certain that the benefits outweigh the risks.

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