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How Can External IT Support Technicians Help Your Business?

While the term “IT support technician” can be used to refer to a wide variety of different roles and responsibilities, broadly speaking, IT support technicians have the responsibility of making sure that all computer systems, hardware, and software are working correctly.

Sometimes referred to as computer support specialists, or simply tech support, IT support technicians now play an instrumental role in companies and organizations of all sizes.

In practice, resolving computer problems can involve different types of support services within information technology systems and infrastructure. This can range from improving a troublesome computer hardware or software, to resolving faulty internet connections.

Does your company need IT support technicians? With Managed IT Services from MicroAge, you can leverage the expertise of experienced computer support specialists.

IT support technicians take on specialized roles in large companies, so they can focus exclusively on a particular set of tasks. However, in small companies, the entirety of IT responsibilities might fall to a single person or a small team; which means dealing with tedious support tasks get in the way of more important IT functions.

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Technical Support – A Diverse Field

The IT industry has become so advanced and complex that the field of support services is now broken down according to expertise and experience levels, as well as by their professional certifications and specialties.

Technical support tiers are most often expressed as first, second or third level:

Technical Support – Level 1

This is the first point of contact where computer users report their technical problems. An entry level support technician uses their customer service skills to identify the technical issues in a timely manner and provide general advice. Whereas this once came in the form of in-person technical support, IT support technicians now usually assist customers remotely.

Technical Support – Level 2

In order to solve complex technical issues, extremely knowledgeable computer support specialists are required. At this level, software engineers, cloud architects and other specialists use their problem-solving skills to correctly troubleshoot large-scale or systemic software problems and network issues.

Technical Support – Level 3

This level of support includes technological product developers, including software and hardware companies, as well as specialized consultants for business-specific software and hardware applications.

Senior-level support technicians are called in for large-scale projects, such as developing complex IT solutions or new software applications.

Information Technology Responsibilities

In today’s economy, skilled IT support technicians are an absolute necessity. Companies need their IT to work properly in order to deliver their products and services, and there’s no room for error.

IT support responsibilities include:

  • Performing regular maintenance on all information technology systems
  • Providing technical support for end-users
  • Installing new and configuring computer hardware and software applications
  • Reporting on the status of information technology assets and systems
  • Assisting employees with anything to do with network access or personal computer system profiles, such as emails and passwords.
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External Helpdesk Support Services

External Technical Support is a smart way for SMBs to take their business to the next level. By opting for external IT Support, you will not only receive professional IT services, but in doing so, giving your team the freedom to focus on growing your core business, without being distracted by IT issues.

If your IT department is managing the IT support as well as their other IT duties, that will have an impact on their efficiency and productivity and slow down business growth.

You might think about recruiting an additional IT expert to work internally; but that can be a slow and costly process. Not to mention there is a shortage of skilled IT workers, and, due to their level of knowledge, will demand a high salary.

Outsourcing to an external IT Support service has many benefits that can help your business:

Cost effective

For any business, hiring full time internal IT personnel can be expensive. Managed IT Services provide a better value because you don’t have to pay the expenses of full-time employees including: benefits, salary, onboarding, training and more.

An external IT Helpdesk supporting your team will also free up your internal IT department, who can now focus on the important IT issues that will aid in growing your business.

Additionally, with external support IT problems get resolved quickly and employee productivity is not hindered; by limiting downtime and other IT issues, you can reduce costs for your organization.

24x7x365 Support

With external IT Support you won’t have to worry about typical weekday, 9am – 5pm or location constraints. MicroAge IT Support Services offer 24x7x365 support to your employees; your IT issues can be fixed remotely and after hours, no matter where in the country your employees are located.

An external IT support team provides you with peace of mind. If your system goes down, no matter what day or time, it will be dealt with quickly so you can continue running your business with minimal downtime.


External IT Support representatives have in-depth, hands on knowledge on a wide range of technology solutions. 

If you require a wide range of support such as IT, telephony and telecoms, cloud solutions, web services, hardware, and software management etc. it would be difficult for an individual to take of all that in-house. An external support company can offer a variety of services that can support your business.

Working with the MicroAge Support Team means you have access to a group of IT experts with an diverse technological skills and experience – which you are unlikely to get from hiring a single individual.

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MicroAge – Specialists in IT Support

MicroAge also has an experienced team of IT support specialists ready to provide the IT support solution you need when your technology malfunctions. Our managed services will help you achieve your business goals. Contact us today for a free consultation.

Get the most from your IT

As service providers to more than 300 companies, the dedicated professionals at MicroAge are second to none when it comes to managed services. By improving efficiency, cutting costs and reducing downtime, we can help you achieve your business goals!

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