Cybersecurity Awareness Month: EDR vs. Regular Anti-Virus Solutions

Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, remote work has increased and so have cyberattack attempts. With more employees accessing company networks from home, systems are more vulnerable to attacks if the proper security protocols are not implemented. We’re talking VPN, anti-spam, anti-virus, etc.

This is all pretty basic security solutions; with cyberattacks becoming more and more sophisticated, are these solutions enough? As IT experts with the best services and solutions in Montreal, we’ll help explain why the basics aren’t enough anymore – and why most importantly you need to implement EDR vs. regular anti-virus solutions.

What Does EDR Mean and Why Is it Important?

EDR stands for Endpoint Detection and Response. An endpoint is any device that is outside a corporate firewall that connects to the network. It can be a laptop, tablet, computer, or phone. EDR is a set of security tools that provide enhanced visibility of your network and a faster response to dealing with malware and virus attacks.

Endpoint security solutions are founded upon machine learning algorithms, which means that EDR can find advanced forms of malware in addition to types of malware that are unknown. For example, polymorphic malware consists of codes that are continually changing. Your average anti-virus software is not designed to detect that.

What Are the Differences Between EDR and Anti-Virus?

As previously mentioned, EDR can detect advanced forms and lesser known forms of malware. Anti-virus software, on the other hand, is designed for signature-based detection, meaning that it can only find malware threats that it recognizes.

EDR security provides superior threat detection because it also includes many functions that aren’t available in anti-virus. This includes:

  • Matching signatures and analytics to remove malware
  • Preventing data leaks
  • Protecting your network with antispyware protection
  • Providing a local firewall
  • Encrypting hardware
  • Using endpoint detection and response to detect and warn against intrusions
  • Preventing unauthorized and potentially malicious programs from running
  • Storing collected data for further analysis

EDR and anti-virus software both have real-time scanning, but EDR’s advanced features enable appropriate incident responses based on the information collected.

If your business already has security tools, like network forensics, EDR tools are compatible with them. Anti-virus is not always compatible with systems and can cause issues, including detecting a program it deems malicious because it does not recognize it. EDR is made to be versatile.

Based on the list above, endpoint security is more efficient since it is multi-layered. Consider this proactive approach to cyber threats instead of basic anti-virus protection

Protect Your Systems with EDR Solutions

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