Data Backup for Businesses: 5 Points to Remember

With the prominent role that IT plays in companies, big data, and the growth of cybercrime, backup methods have greatly evolved over the past few years. Today, companies can no longer settle for performing regular local data backups within the company. To ensure their sustainability, they must adopt a consistent backup policy that guarantees the security of the data and the applications and allows for fast restoration.

Double backups

Relying on a single backup system has always been a bad idea. That’s why, today, combining cloud backup with local backup is a commonly used solution. Secure local backup lets you save the data found on the computers, servers, and peripheral devices and is an excellent complement to cloud backup. Indeed, local backup helps you recover data and restore it quickly, even for a very large amount of data, since data backup and restoration takes longer on the cloud.

Automate backups and monitoring

A well-designed backup system mustn’t be time-consuming for the IT department, which should devote itself to assisting users rather than spending its time managing backups. Indeed, there are now reliable systems that automatically manage backups and let you launch the recovery or business continuity plan implemented within the company in case of incident. Specifically, the ISD’s work in terms of backup should normally be limited to verifying the daily report sent by the backup device.

There are also external support services dedicated to backup that can implement a solution specifically adapted to the needs and the size of the company. For example, this may take the form of external backup carried out at several data centres located in different places, or on the cloud. These services monitor the smooth operation of the system and intervene remotely in the event of a problem.

Back up sensitive data outside the company

No company is immune from a cyberattack or an incident that leads to a loss of data. And with the proliferation of malware, backing up your critical data in external facilities has become essential. You should note that, today, more than half of all companies that have suffered a cyberattack are driven out of business within the next six months, since the organization can’t survive the loss of data.

Test the backup system regularly

While implementing a backup solution is essential, testing the system regularly to make sure it’s working properly is just as important. In the event of a cyberattack or a computer being locked by ransomware, for example, it’s possible to restore a recent backup without having to pay the ransom.

Use encryption technology for backups

Adopting an effective encryption technique for saved data is an integral part of a company’s security policy. Military-grade encryption technologies, such as the 256 Advanced Encryption Standard, help secure data.

Besides the security aspect, in certain sectors, such as the health sector, companies are obliged to respect compliance rules that require organizations to encrypt their backup technologies for saved data.

Data loss and cyberattacks often carry a fatal blow for companies that aren’t prepared for them. When it comes to guaranteeing its sustainability, it’s therefore essential for an organization to adopt a thoughtful, effective backup policy that allows it to recover all its data in the event of an incident and restore it quickly to get back to work immediately.

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