Cloud Consulting Services

Cloud-based solutions tailored to your business needs so you can work and collaborate better online

The traditional business model of hardware acquisition, deployment and maintenance is quickly becoming a thing of the past. The future of IT services lies in the cloud.

As the needs of business and their services continue to evolve online, companies of all sizes will need to find agile and responsive IT services. IT services delivered through cloud-based technology does just that.

We provide the business solutions companies need to thrive.

IT Services and Solutions, Powered by the Cloud

At MicroAge, our Montreal offices provide top cloud consulting services for companies across Canada to help them find the cloud services they need to achieve desired business outcomes.

Delivered as managed services, cloud solutions from MicroAge are designed by expert cloud consultants and delivered within the requested budget, timeline and specifications. Hosted in secure data centers in Montreal, Canada, our cloud technology solutions open up a new world of possibilities.

MicroAge Cloud Cloud Consultancy Services: IT Solutions Tailored to Your Business

No matter what kind of IT project your company is about to undertake, our team of cloud computing experts will help you find the cloud services you need.

As an IT services company with a culture centered on customer service and technical know how, the MicroAge team of cloud consultants offer more than cloud support services and IT strategy consulting. They help our clients achieve new heights through managed IT services and cloud consulting expertise.

Have Cloud Technology Questions? Our Cloud Consultants Have the Answers!

Our cloud consulting services help businesses understand the world of cloud technology, so they can select and implement the solutions of the greatest benefit.

If you, or your employees, have questions about anything cloud related - from how to carry out a smooth cloud migration to how cloud services could help streamline company processes - our cloud consulting experts will explain the best cloud solutions for your business challenges and how they will be adapted to your environment.

Enjoy the Freedom of the Cloud

Whether your company is based in the Montreal area or anywhere else in Canada, our cloud consulting solutions are always easy to access and ready to go. Ideally suited for the remote workforce, cloud-based managed services help businesses reduce IT spend while improving operational flexibility.

Control Your IT, Don't Let IT Control Your Business

Through cloud consulting services, MicroAge helps companies better understand their IT needs so they get the cloud services to match. No cookie cutter IT solutions, no one-size-fits-all approach, just customized cloud solutions for complete IT cost control.

Focus on your Company Needs, Not IT Support and Maintenance

With managed IT services provided by a team of cloud consulting experts, your business can reassign valuable resources away from tasks such as IT support, hardware maintenance and troubleshooting.

With MicroAge as your partner, your company can devote more time, energy and resources to core products and services because your technology needs will be easily managed through the cloud.


Our Cloud Solutions

Microsoft 365 Solutions

Improve your productivity and work more efficiently with Office 365 and Sharepoint.

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Security Solutions

Get a better level of security, at workstation level, your infrastructure and your users with 100% Cloud security solutions.

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Backup & Recovery

Get the best cloud backup and disaster recovery solutions to protect your organization's data.

Hosted Infrastructure

Infrastructure management with hosted and cloud-based infrastructure models using Microsoft Azure.

Hosted Email

Stop worrying about e-mail server management and improve collaboration with hosted and cloud-based solutions.

IP Telephony

Simplify telephony and communication management by leveraging cloud solutions to decrease management while controlling costs.

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