The Advantages of an Outsourced Helpdesk

IT support is an indispensable service for businesses in which employees would be unable to work without a computer and/or peripheral devices and where their equipment must be continually operational. An outsourced helpdesk ensures that users are able to properly use their resources and helps to resolve issues so that the business can run efficiently. IT support can be done in one of two ways: It can be handled internally, which has for a long time been the solution used by many businesses, or it can be outsourced. Let’s take a closer look at the benefits of outsourcing your IT support.

A High Quality Service

Like many other services that can be easily outsourced, a third party can provide an outsourced helpdesk to handle all of your IT needs with a service quality at least equal to an internal department. It can provide:    

  • Telephone support, including remote troubleshooting and resolving simple problems
  • A relationship with an expert possessing in-depth knowledge. In the event of a complex issue, the expert will be able to quickly resolve any problems as they have more experience dealing with various problems than a general IT service technician.

Outsourcing Can Reduce Costs

Managing the IT infrastructure and related technical problems is a burden that often significantly reduces margins for many businesses. Outsourcing is especially suitable for small and medium-sized businesses, as it enables them to benefit from highly-available and responsive services to ensure they do not lose productivity. This helps to reduce delays and costs as many services are combined with other outsourced IT services. An internal IT department would require at least two full-time people if you need to ensure access to immediate, permanent help, but it is hard to justify the expense of having two full-time people in this role. Moreover, many organizations do not necessarily have adequate financial and technical resources for a specific internal IT department or the support of a general IT technician. In these cases, there are external, flexible services that can meet your needs and help control your budget. With outsourcing, you have access to specialists with the most up-to-date skills, whereas internal IT technicians may not always have this same level of expertise, especially in the case of high value-added work. In addition, requests for internal IT support are often made informally and not tracked, but when you use external IT support it is easier to standardize tools and procedures.

Internal Resources Are Free to Focus on Other Tasks

Spending time resolving IT issues is time-consuming and costly. Outages and malfunctions require immediate attention, and the company’s IT technician must put aside whatever they were working on before in order to focus on resolving the immediate problem. Valuable time is lost sometimes simply because of a user error or a poor connection, which results in significant costs by year-end.

Outsourcing your IT support helps to free your resources so that they may focus on the core business activities.

Outsourcing your IT support has many advantages. Your business can benefit from a flexible service with good quality and controls, at a reduced expense and increased productivity. This is an important strategic decision that should not be taken lightly, as outsourcing your IT support involves some disadvantages for the business, such as having to rely on a third party to resolve all outages.

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