Structured Wiring Solutions

A complete solution for all your wiring and cabling needs.

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Benefit from a complete solution for all of your cabling needs including backbone and horizontal cabling to support your data, voice, security, audio visual, and closed-circuit television (CCTV) solutions.

All new installations are appropriately labeled, then tested and certified on Category 5/5e/6/6a or fibre installations. We also provide cable management solutions for new installations or for reorganizing your existing data room, allowing you to avoid the cabling rats’ nest. Keeping everything organized saves time and money on moves, additions, changes and troubleshooting issues.

As technology demands more bandwidth, fibre optic costs and equipment become more reasonable. Considering the additional protection that fibre offers to a business versus copper, many businesses are considering utilizing fibre as an option for at least part of, if not all of, their cabling network. Our experienced engineers work with your business plans and budget to determine if only a fibre backbone is required, if certain equipment will operate better with fibre connectivity, or if it makes sense to take fibre all the way across the network.

Turnkey Service

From planning to installing and testing to solution that we deploy for you, we make sure that your business requirements are met for today's and tomorrow's needs.

Improve Your Productivity

The proper cabling and wiring solutions will enable your business to maximize the IT tools it deploys, while saving time, money and complications for any future installation or improvement of your environment, resulting in noticeable productivity gains.

On-Going Support

As with any solution we provide to our clients, our experts are committed in the on-going support of the structured wiring we implement for your business.

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What's Included In

Our Structured Wiring Solutions

Design & Installation

Benefit from our team of experts to design and install the perfect cabling solutions to meet your business requirements.

Fibre Optic

Give your business an edge by leveraging the improve performance and security from fiber installations.

Planning & Testing

Gain peace of mind as our engineers use specialized equipment to plan and test the solutions we put together for your business.