Procurement & Deployment

Easier and faster acquiring and deployment process of your IT solutions.

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What are managed IT services?

Our procurement and deployment services simplify the purchasing process, standardize and improve asset management, offer the most competitive prices in the industry and allow our clients to stay focused on their strategic challenges and their core competencies. Our clients benefit from our order management system and from our sales support team’s experience and expertise.

We leverage our strategic positioning with distributors and manufacturers to simplify the sourcing process whether you are looking to acquire hardware, software or licences. Our expertise allows us to become a strategic partner for your business as we help with the deployment, configuration and all the steps along the way of your solutions upgrade.

Simplify IT

Simplify the purchasing and deployment of IT services and solutions by leveraging a one-stop shop to manage the whole process for you.

Maximize Your Investments

Maximize your financial resources as we help you find the best solutions for your specific needs and leverage competitive financing and purchasing options.

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What's Included In

Our IT Procurement and Deployment Services

Product Sourcing

Benefit from the best sources for the hardware, services and licences you need for all your IT projects

Financing Options

Maximize operating expenses for your organization by leveraging competitive and flexible financing options.

"As-as-Service" Options

Gain more flexibility by opting for as-a-service options for the IT solutions that propel your business.

On-Site Services

Simplify the installation, configuration and deployment of your IT solutions as we do it all at your local site(s).

Renewals Management

Stop worrying over renewal dates as we monitor your licences for you and notify you when you need it.

Recycling and Disposal

Simplify telephone and communication management by leveraging cloud solutions to decrease management while controlling costs.