Cybersecurity Solutions

End-to-end cybersecurity solutions to protect your business against all threats.


Now more than ever before, businesses of all sizes need to deploy solid and tailored cybersecurity solutions in order to protect all areas of their organization.

Business data represent enormous value for businesses, thieves and hackers. Our unique portfolio of end-to-end cybersecurity solutions and our approach to complete protection ensure that your business is fully protected.

We serve businesses all across Canada and help them secure their most valuable assets from the different existing threats. Leverage our portfolio and get complete peace of mind for your business.

Our Cybersecurity Solutions and Services

24/7 Remote Monitoring

Proactive monitoring services ensuring patch management and quick remediation of any cybersecurity-related issue.

Security Software and Hardware

From firewalls to endpoints and all the cybersecurity software in-between, we offer comprehensive solutions covering all data protection aspects.

Data Security, Backup and Disaster Recovery

Gain complete peace of mind regarding our data with tailored security, back and disaster recovery solutions.

Employee Cybersecurity Awareness and Training Program

Make your team your best line of defense by providing ongoing cybersecurity awareness training.

Endpoint and Infrastructure Security Management

Maintain secured hardware to ensure your business data is protected against cyberthreats.

Penetration Testing Services

Discover potential threaths and shortcomings with our comprehensive penetration testing services.

Save Up To 50% On Standard Penetration Testing Services

For a limited time , take advantage of highly discounted pricing and get peace of mind. Discover potential threats and correct them efficiently to ensure your business data isn’t compromised.

Our Cybersecurity Partnerships

MicroAge offers managed cyber security services to protect organizations against the constantly evolving security threats present in today's online environment. Our numerous security consulting partnerships allow us to leverage the best cloud, hardware and software technology available to ensure that your business is as secure as possible.