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Penetration Test

Penetration Testing: The Art of Cyber Defense Revealed

Cybersecurity is increasingly critical in this era of constantly evolving digital threats. One proactive approach to cyber defence is penetration testing, which simulates cyberattacks to…

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Cybersecurity Audit

Beyond the Audit: Ongoing Support from IT Security Audit Services

Every decision can potentially impact your company’s future in today’s business world. That’s why it’s essential to understand and implement strong IT security measures. As…

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Why Are Business Reviews With The It Service Provider Important For An Organization?

A business review or BR with the IT service provider is a regular practice during which an organization and its provider meet to manage their…

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Un homme qui tape au clavier avec un cheval sur le clavier pour illustrer un trojan

What Are The Different Types Of Malware ?

In the realm of computer security, the term “malware” stands as a critical concept. Malware, a contraction of “malicious software,” refers to various programs or…

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Un homme qui pointe avec sa main l'écran de son ordinateur où c'est marqué : "System hacked"

Confronting the Next Wave of Cyber Threats: The Rise of AI-Generated Polymorphic Malware

In the ever-shifting landscape of cybersecurity, the rise of AI-generated polymorphic malware presents a significant new challenge. This type of sophisticated malware, constantly reconfiguring itself…

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Demystifying EDR And MDR

As the complexity of cyberattacks continues to escalate, the fight against digital threats is unfortunately playing a greater role in the cybersecurity arena. Whether through…

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a shield with a lock to represent cyber security

Navigating the Digital Frontier: Cybersecurity Essentials for Small Businesses

The digital landscape is fraught with peril, especially for the unprepared. Small businesses, amidst their growth endeavours, encounter a unique set of cybersecurity vulnerabilities. “Cybersecurity…

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woman working remotely on her computer

The Ultimate Guide to Remote Work Solutions in 2023

In 2023, the shift toward remote work solutions will define a new era for companies worldwide. Adapting to this trend, businesses seek efficient, secure, and…

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AI: A Valuable Ally And A Major Threat 

The advent of artificial intelligence (AI) has brought significant advances to many fields but it also presents daunting challenges for cybersecurity teams. AI acts as…

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What You Need To Know About Artificial Intelligence

Contrary to what you might think, artificial intelligence has been around since the 1950s. It has obviously changed over time and is now experiencing spectacular growth….

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Everything You Need To Know About Microsoft 365 Copilot

Just like everything else, the professional landscape is changing at record speed. New technologies in artificial intelligence are playing a critical role in how companies…

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Top 3 Basic Cybersecurity Measures For SMEs

More than ever, the risks of cyberattacks are becoming a reality and their impact can be devastating. Even for a small start-up organization or a…

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How To Recognize Warning Signs Of Malicious Email?

Online security is crucial in our current digital era. Malicious emails have become a pervasive threat. These sophisticated attacks can cause significant damage whether it…

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How to Keep Your Business Compliant with GDPR and PIPEDA Regulations

Identity protection and data security are the buzzwords of the tech industry, with laws like GDPR and PIPEDA being put in place to protect an…

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Rethinking Your IT With A Decentralized Workforce – Chapter 3: Cloud Infrastructure

Within an increasingly decentralized workforce, you must know about alternative ways to store and share data. Below are some of the basic elements of cloud…

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Cybersecurity insurance

What Businesses Should Know About Cybersecurity Insurance

As IT Service Providers, we work with clients to make it as hard as possible for threat actors to attack them. However, we are very clear…

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phishing campaign

Can Phishing Simulations Help Reduce Cyber Risk?

In a previous article we talked about what cybersecurity awareness training is and how it has helped organizations and their employees be aware and prepared…

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email security

Are You At Risk Of Business Email Compromise (BEC)?

Business Email Compromise (BEC) is a type of cybercriminal attack that is aimed mainly at businesses and organizations. It usually involves a process of sophisticated…

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