Office 365 For Your Business

Office 365 is a known product to almost every business.  If you don’t already own it, you’re probably planning to because you need Word and Excel and that’s how it’s sold today.

Today’s Office 365, however, offers MORE than ever before and operates on the cloud.  Yes it’s still essential for business-class E-mail and office applications, but it also offers shared calendars,instant messaging, web conferencing and cloud document storage.


Office 365 Can Truly Help Your Business Through Improved:

  • Accessibility – ability to access documents, spreadsheets, services and tools anytime, anywhere and on any device
  • Collaboration – teams can work together quickly and easily
  • Communication – inside and outside the company
  • Business Intelligence – help make decisions based on accurate information, faster

MicroAge Office 365 Complete offers your business Peace of mind with a fully managed Office 365 solution for setting up and managing your Office 365 so your business and leverage the power of Office 365.

We offer 3 levels of service to meet your business needs as follows:

Technical Readiness Assessment x x x
Product Licensing Management x x x
Email Migration & Deployment x x x
Office 365 Monitoring x x x
Account Setup & Configuration x x x
Cloud Mailbox Setup & Configuration x x x
Management of all Users, Groups & Mailboxes x x x
Management of OneDrive and SharePoint Account x x x
Management of all Role-based Administration Functions x x x
Virus & Spam Protection & Continuity x x x
SharePoint Team Sites x x
Backup Protection for Exchange, OneDrive & SharePoint (50GB/user) x x
Unlimited O365 Helpdesk Support x x
Learning Management & Video Training Platform x
Advanced Security with Rights Management & Data Loss Prevention x
Archiving, Compliance, Information Protection & eDiscovery Centre x
Secure Identity Management with Multifactor Authentication x
Office 365 Advanced Reporting x