Maintenance & Support

Certified IT maintenance and support services made to maximize your IT investments and reduce downtime


Maintenance and Support Solutions for your business

MicroAge Kingston provides a range of maintenance offerings designed to provide best-in-class technical support tailored to your business requirements.

  • On-site service
  • Service and maintenance contracts
  • Preventative maintenance
  • Contractual technical services
  • Depot carry-in and repair (break/fix services)
  • Warranty service packages
  • Extended and enhanced warranty services

Maintenance and Support Components

Organizations are often overwhelmed by the challenges of managing their IT assets. Most organizations have a mix of old and new equipment and software in their inventory that changes constantly as a result of upgrades, repairs and refurbishments.

An asset management solution provides an automated set of processes that updates a centralized IT asset repository whenever one of its processes (procurement, leasing, upgrades, IMACs, repairs, etc.) is initiated. As a result, IT managers and business operators are able to manage their inventory proactively to optimize the return on their IT investments.

Maintenance and Support Benefits

MicroAge Kingston's Maintenance and Support Solutions will help your organization maximize its network's uptime and reliability by providing timely and effective support. Our technicians are vendor-certified for all major hardware products, network operating systems, and peripherals and can ensure that your networks can be restored quickly and successfully.

MicroAge Kingston's full range of Maintenance and Support Solutions enables your organization to easily improve its technology additions and upgrades all while enabling its customers to focus on their business performance.

  • Single source for a full range of maintenance and support requirements
  • Cost-effective options and service levels for maximum flexibility, system efficiency, and value;
  • Provides enhanced employee productivity through reduced downtime;
  • Consistent, reliable turn-around time on all repairs.