How Do I Know I Need Managed IT Services?

managed IT servicesNo matter which industry your business operates in, there always comes a point when it’s essential to make use of the most current and advanced technology.

Many businesses today are challenged by the sheer volume of expanded technology requirements. It’s for this reason that many companies hire outside Managed Service Providers to manage their IT issues and provide IT solutions that are tailor-made for their business’ specific needs.

Are you having trouble deciding whether or not your business is ready for Managed IT Services? Here is a list of signs that you need to hire a Managed Services Provider today.

1. Understaffed IT Team

The first sign that you need better IT support is when your in-house IT team is unable to keep up with your rapidly changing IT system. In a growing business, it can be hard to allocate and balance budgets for hiring in different departments. An understaffed IT team is simply unable to work on maintaining and upgrading an IT system at the same time. To combat this issue, you can partner with a reliable IT services provider at a fraction of the cost of hiring new IT personnel for your own team.

2. Long and Frequent Downtimes

Another red flag is if your IT team is struggling to manage the frequency and duration of your system’s downtimes. Downtimes can wreak havoc on your company’s reputation and revenue and can even affect the continuity of your business. These downtimes differ from planned downtimes for necessary upgrades to your system. However, even planned downtimes need to be managed well. You should seriously consider hiring the services of a Managed Services Provider if your business is experiencing long and frequent downtimes, even when upgrading your system.

3. Weak System Security

The digital world of the modern age is dynamic, which means it’s changing and transforming every single day. Keeping pace with this advancement in technology and boosting your system’s security is of the greatest importance. Don’t take any chances here; leave it to the professionals to manage. Managed IT Service Providers are experts in this field and are professionally trained to deal with security issues. Hiring an outside team of IT experts is strongly recommended to strengthen your system’s digital security.

4. High Expenditure on IT Personnel

If you want to maintain a reliable in-house IT team, then you have to spend a lot of resources managing that team. This includes salaries, training, benefits, etc. Hiring a professional Managed Services Provider is an excellent alternative. You’ll receive reliable service but at a fraction of the cost of having your own team.

A qualified MSP brings their own tools, which you don’t have to pay for separately. This could include a help desk, monitoring software, offsite backups and hosted systems, and bundled productivity tools like Microsoft Office 365.

5. Redundant and Outdated Technology

Many businesses are plagued by all kinds of IT problems due to redundant and outdated technology. It can be a real challenge to upgrade your IT systems while grappling with an IT team that is already understaffed. This is when you should consider opting for an outside IT support team. They can provide you with cutting edge solutions that are customized according to your specific IT concerns, all by using the latest technology at a much lower cost.

Make the Change

Is your IT team struggling to manage your systems efficiently? Then it may be time to make the switch to a Managed Services Provider.

Reach out to us at MicroAge Kingston today. MicroAge Kingston manages the IT environments for businesses of over 300 users and has the expertise to help you at a fixed monthly rate. We will help you manage your IT systems efficiently with the latest technology and the most skilled professionals in the business.

Call us today at 613.384.4141 or click here to get a free consultation.

Get the most from your IT

As service providers to more than 300 companies, the dedicated professionals at MicroAge are second to none when it comes to managed services. By improving efficiency, cutting costs and reducing downtime, we can help you achieve your business goals!

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