Office Furniture

Our furniture experts provide planning, ergonomics & wellness consultations. They source the best furniture and customize it to fit your office space needs.

What are Office Furniture Services?

Our services in office space planning range from advising the best layout for a room before it has been built, to tweaking the layout of a workstation where space has been constricted.

Our furniture experts are trained in the areas of ergonomics to ensure that the health and safety of your employees is considered during the design of your office furniture and the selection of colours & fabrics.

With our expanded partnership with Swish Maintenance Ltd. comes the ability to provide your home and workplace with a large assortment of green cleaning products. Our trained expert can provide your office with a head-to-to assessment on how you can help to keep your workplace as clean and healthy as possible. From indoor air quality to floor care and washroom supplies, MicroAge Basics has a complete green solution for you!

What can Office Furniture Services do for your business?

  • Do you want to customize your office space?
  • Could you benefit from ergonomics?
  • Would you like to make sure you are correctly keeping your workplace clean and healthy?
  • Do you know if your office meets safety standards and optimized user experiences?

If you have trouble designing your office space and are looking for a way to improve your office in a cost-effective and customized manner, you should explore our office furniture services.

How can MicroAge Basics help you?

By partnering with MicroAge Basics, you will benefit from customized Office Furniture Services that will help you reduce costs and design your office space exactly how you want it:

  • Design specialists guide office layout decisions.
  • Trained in ergonomics to ensure that employee's health and safety is considered during the design process.
  • Keep your workplace clean and healthy with our large assortment of green cleaning products.
  • Free assessments.