Consulting Services

Benefit from the right expertise for your IT services and solutions.

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What are Consulting Services?

Consulting services are at the heart of everything we do. Whether it is helping you with picking the right equipment and applications for your specific needs or completely planning, designing, and implementing a whole new solution for your business.

Our experts are certified in the technology solutions that we recommend for our clients. Being vendor-agnostic, you can be assured that the recommendations from our consultants align with the objectives you want to achieve.

Combining our consulting services with customized solutions ensures that you get the right advice and the right services according to your business needs and the results you are looking for.

What can Consulting Services do for your business?

  • Are you looking for help deciding what solutions to invest in to achieve your business objectives?
  • Do you need help maximizing your IT investments?
  • Are you seeking knowledge and expertise in IT solutions and services that you don't have internally?
  • Do you need help with designing and implementing specific solutions?
  • Do your IT projects cost more and take longer to implement because of a lack of project management?


MicroAge Basics Consulting Service can help you with all the above regardless of the size of your business.

How can MicroAge Basics help you?

We can provide the knowledge required to help you achieve your business objectives. We can help you with:

  • Project management: from partial to complete management
  • Infrastructure planning, designing, and implementation
  • Short-term or long-term IT planning and budgeting
  • Security compliance and best practices