À propos du MicroAge Network

Operating in Canada since 1981, the strength of the MicroAge Network lies in it’s ability to help clients in their local markets achieve their business objectives. By working closely with each client to understand their needs and their businesses MicroAge provides the IT services and solutions clients can leverage to achieve their business goals.

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Strength of the Network

With a growing Network of independently owned locations (currently at 41) from coast-to-coast, MicroAge is Canada’s leading IT solutions and service provider focused mainly on small and midmarket businesses. With industry leading managed services practices, unparalleled national service delivery, logistical and distribution support and over 300 certified and knowledgeable client focused technicians, our clients can rest easy knowing that their IT needs are taken care of.

While each market is a little different, there are some core values that each MicroAge is committed to:

  • Building strong relationships and partnerships
  • Service excellence - Always
  • Strong ties to the community being served
  • Delivering business results

Pourquoi MicroAge

Business Model

Understanding the client’s business and the goals they want to achieve allows MicroAge to assess the client’s current state and provide the IT roadmap to where they need to be to achieve their goals.

This client-focused approach to delivering IT Solutions and Services ensures achievement of the business results required by the client.

Strong Focus on IT as Business Driver

MicroAge is passionate about technology, but what really excites us about technology is its ability to drive the business results clients are looking for.

MicroAge delivers IT Services and Solutions that serve each clients’ unique business goals and objectives ultimately meeting their unique business challenges—whether they are related to cost reduction, smarter management of overhead, or reduction of inefficiencies.

After all, without the results, IT is just widgets and 0’s and 1’s with no reason for being.

Experience, Expertise and Knowledge

MicroAge service technicians across all locations have access to a wealth of information, education, training, and experience that allows them to provide IT expertise and knowledge to the clients. A key aspect of this approach is a relentless commitment to help each MicroAge client reach their full potential through IT.

Bottom line, MicroAge helps businesses leverage their technology investments to address their business requirements providing the peace of mind you need to focus on your business while we take care of your IT.

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