Acquisition of IT Hardware

Get better results from your IT assets

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Being well equipped with the appropriate hardware is a necessity for today's businesses. Therefore, you must equip yourself with equipment that will support your current and future activities.

Our purchasing and IT solutions free you from this long process so you can focus on your growth.

Gain advantage of our dedicated team. Our sales support team identifies the best purchases for your business, negotiates and makes great deals with recognized suppliers and manufacturers.

Get the best hardware for your needs.
Being well equipped with computer equipment means having the equipment that responds and adapts to your needs, which evolve over time. This practice greatly simplifies your purchase process, and allows you to standardize and improve the management of your assets.

Manage your growth effectively
By analyzing your future needs with hardware and software, you can continue your growth without requiring new equipment to meet your new needs.

Partnering with the biggest manufacturers

The fact that the MicroAge network is established across Canada and has more than 300 IT business partners enables us to provide you with the latest, most durable and powerful hardware and software at the most competitive prices on the market.

Our expert helping your business growth

With a partner like MicroAge, there’s no reason to give up your main skills to focus on computer issue. By doing business with us, you agree to be supported by relevant professionals in this particular field. In addition, we can help you analyse picture and plan your purchases so that your new equipment contributes to the prosperity of your business.

Advice tailored for your business

Our wide range of services and our extensive IT expertise allow us to be your IT ally. We assist you from the beginning to the configuration to help you make a well-informed decision and free you from all the weight. With our turnkey approach, you can enjoy quality products and software effortlessly: our experts take care of everything!


Solutions that meet your specific needs

Product Sourcing

Benefit from a team of experts to search and find the best products and solutions available to meet your needs.

Purchasing and Financing

Evaluate the best purchasing and financing options to accommodate your budgets, resources and objectives.

Software licences

We implement and manage software solutions that grows with the evolution of your business.

Renewals Management

Do not worry over your contracts and licences renewals. We monitor everything for you, and notify you at the appropriate time.

On-site Configuration and Deployment

Save time, energy and money as we deploy and configure all of the products and software that you need, across Canada.

Recycling and Disposal

Facilitate the process of refreshing aging equipment by opting for custom recycling or destruction options.