Our Team

The MicroAge Drummond Informatique Ltée team regroups 60 specialists from the MicroAge offices in Sherbrooke, Drummondville, Granby and Sorel-Tracy.

The values conveyed and shared among its members are customer orientation, teamwork, passion for IT and commitment. The DIL team is committed to promoting qualification through continuous training and certifications in order to become the ultimate reference in IT for companies in Center-du-Quebec.

Martin boisvert



Martin Boisvert joined MicroAge in 2002 as the director of the Sherbrooke and Granby offices, having already gained considerable experience in the computer and telecommunications sectors. It was through his strong involvement and leadership that he joined the shareholders of Drummond Informatique Ltée two years later. He became their president in 2005. With a Baccalaureate in computer science and a college diploma in administration, Mr. Boisvert first focused on the qualification of staff, which he always considered to be a basic need for a company. The resulting continuous training program has greatly helped the company to gain credibility and position itself professionally in the current market. Building on his expertise in analyzing and understanding the technological needs of businesses for nearly 30 years, Mr. Boisvert shares today his desire to participate in the success of SMEs in his region with the rest of his informed and involved team.

Stéphane Langlois

Sales director


Stéphane Langlois joined the MicroAge team in 1995 to assume the role of Account Manager for the public and corporate sectors. He then became a shareholder in 2009, deputy sales director in 2012 and sales manager in 2015. Over time, he was greatly led to develop his experience, obtain many certifications and sharpen several skills. His many years and strong involvement in the company have allowed him to acquire a high level of expertise in the public sector and a solid reputation in the health sector. Described to this day as a focused on results warrior, Stéphane Langlois is an in-house reference who stands out for his ability to mobilize his team and bring his colleagues to exceed their common goals. His honesty and rigor do not go unnoticed by his clients who appreciate his sound advice when making decisions and developing their business solutions.

Marc Jr. Leclerc

Services director


Mr. Leclerc acquired a management position by quickly working his way up. With a college diploma in network administration and numerous other certifications, he first joined the MicroAge team in Sherbrooke in 2010 as a network technician. Following major changes in the company in 2015, Marc Jr. Leclerc was promoted to a management position, going from team leader to director of the technical department in the same year. Thanks to his outstanding customer service practices, his notable leadership and his desire to master every challenge, he became the fourth largest shareholder of DIL the following year, in 2016. Since his arrival, Mr. Leclerc has brought a lot to the company. His most notable achievements have been the establishment of a remote technical support structure for the company’s clients and a significant involvement in the design of the managed services. Now, he looks after the quality of the service provided by the technical team, while challenging himself to further advance MicroAge solutions in order to continually adapt the support to the various needs of today’s companies.

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