IT Experts Give A Next Level Welcome!

Do you remember starting a new job and they had a special way to welcome you? Maybe a plant for your office or everyone goes out for drinks at the end of the day. Different companies have different traditions when it comes to welcoming new team members. It’s a great way to make the new guy (or gal) feel like he belongs and relieves some of the pressure of starting a new serious job as an IT expert

Sure, we could do the potted plant, but we like to take “IT” to the next level and have a little fun with it. So here is what we do – and it might sound like all fun and games, but after this, if you make it, we know you are in it for the long haul! 

We have a tradition that on a new employee’s first Friday with us we have a team-building exercise of eating a bowl of really spicy noodles together. Our victim…I mean colleague…. this time was Derek. Now, these noodles aren’t just a little spicy; they are one of those “YouTube challenge” style packs that make people run around screaming after eating them. It’s always a great time for the group – we all get to cry together and bond in the pain. Now I know this sounds bad, but honestly, despite the pain, we all have a blast! 

I’ve recently purchased a laser machine because I thought it would be a great hobby! So I decided to use it to commemorate the spicy noodle event by laser etching a few shots into a plaque for Derek to keep! I think we may have just found ourselves another new tradition! 

IT Experts Give Next Level Welcome to New Guy
The Guys After Some NEXT LEVEL Spicy Noodles!

By the way, for those of you who are wondering if Derek made it and if he is still with us, we are happy to report he survived just fine and even came back on Monday! He is a great fit for our team and we hope he will be with us for quite some time. 

If you are up to the challenge, you can buy the spicy noodle packets like we did or be really adventurous and make your own. Here is a recipe to give it a shot!

Remember, you only cry for awhile!!

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