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Is It Hot Enough for Ya?

Ahhh! Summer is finally here! There are so many things to do as the warm weather hits our area – go for a hike, visit a waterpark, take in the views at Bridal Veil Falls, and so much more! But as you are planning your summer activities, don’t forget about computer maintenance. Not nearly as much fun as a waterpark, but very necessary for your business!

As hot as we may like the weather, your computer is not a big fan of heat. And dust is the number one cause of computer overheating. Dust blocks air flow, causing the system to run hotter and less reliably. Dust acts as thermal insulation, causing components to overheat and thereby shortening their service lives. Dust causes fans to run faster (and louder) as they attempt to keep the system cool. Dust worms its way into connectors, increasing electrical resistance and reducing reliability. Dust corrodes contact surfaces. Dust is nasty stuff. But not to worry, we have some tips for you on how to keep your computer cool.

  1. Regular Cleaning – Imagine your computer heatsink is a home HVAC system. When your HVAC gets filled with dust and dirt, it affects the way it operates as well as the air quality in your home. While a dirty computer won’t affect your air quality, it will affect the way your computer operates. It is important to ensure that you clean your computer on a regular basis.
  • Clean your computer outside your home to avoid spreading dust in your home.
  • Avoid exposure to long periods of direct sunlight. Your computer could suffer from the heat.
  • The dirt inside your computer is very thin, you should absolutely avoid breathing it in!
  • Wear a dust mask or a similar protection.

Although you can get by with just a standard vacuum cleaner and a brush or two, it’s easier to do the job properly if you have the right tools. Most computer stores or even Amazon sell vacuum attachments intended for use with PCs. These attachments are small enough to get in all the cracks and crevices, and the adapter that you use to connect them to your home vacuum is often designed to cut down the air flow to a level more appropriate for cleaning a PC.

  1. Keep Laptop Ports Clear – USB ports are exposed to dust, dirt, and grime, and they can get clogged with debris. This can block the electrical signal and prevent the port from working properly. You can gather together the tools you need to do the job of cleaning the ports or you can purchase a port cleaning kit similar to this one. 

Don’t want to buy a kit? Well, there are other options. Remember that no matter which way you choose to clean your computer ports, you need to ensure that your laptop is turned off prior to beginning

  • Rubbing Alcohol and a Q-tip – This will get the majority of the debris out of the port. Just remember it may need a little extra time to dry before turning the computer back on.
  • Compressed Air – In a can or an electric blower. This is a great option for cleaning laptop ports, as well as the rest of the laptop. Because the USB ports’ rear ends don’t open into the computer’s internal body, you can be sure that you won’t be forcing the dust into your laptop’s internals.
  • Contact Cleaner – Spray each of the ports generously and ensure they are clean before proceeding to the other ports. The solution dries up fast and you can get to using your computer soon afterward. It works well to remove dirt, residues, and even oil, leaving your ports clean.
  1. Upgrade Your Hardware – If your computer is overheating and you have already thoroughly cleaned it inside and out,  consider this:
  • Upgrading your CPU cooler.  The standard CPU cooler should work fine, although a larger more efficient cooler will help lower the overall temperature.
  • Install an extra fan – case fans are very cheap and will help with getting the hot air out of the computer case.  You can also get laptop tray fans which the laptop sits on and draws the hot air away from the laptop.

Only attempt the hardware upgrades if you are competent in working on computers. If not, let the professionals at MicroAge Chilliwack take care of it for you. Just reach out to us at 1-844-773-6788. If you would like to know more about choosing the right tech team to help you with all of your computer technology and security needs, check out our blog, 5 Tips To Help You Choose The Perfect Tech Vendor.

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