Why MicroAge


Why work with us?

MicroAge has been serving the business, educational and government communities in the greater Quinte region since 1986. We understand the business and information system challenges of today and, because of our knowledge and experience, we are able to solve them.

The foundation of our success is built on the values of mutual respect, trust, integrity, innovation, and teamwork. Our proven track record of success, demonstrates our commitment to ensuring our clients receive the best advice and service we can provide.

MicroAge Belleville is locally owned and managed.

The Problems We Solve

We've been helping businesses solve the problems they face with their IT for more than 30 years. Our location and our affiliation within the MicroAge network make us an ideal partner to help you both locally and nationally.

Spending time on IT and not our core business

MicroAge's business is IT and physical security. Let us assist you while you focus on your business.

Support of multiple business offices

Our team of IT and security experts across Canada can support all your business needs.

Real-time active monitoring of your network

We can provide regular and consistent monitoring of your network devices so you always know what's going on.

Time to recruit and retain dedicated IT resources

Our team of IT and security experts help you simplify all your IT and physical security needs.

Managing end-to-end protection of your business

Our expertise with both IT and physical security make us a one-of-a-kind partner to protect your business from all threats.

Backup and recovery of your valuable data

Active backup monitoring and regular recovery testing so you know your data is safe.

Analysing aging IT equipment and deciding on refresh requirements

We can provide a report of your current IT equipment and help you understand what needs to be replaced and when.

Time to research and take advantage of Cloud and Hosting options

We can facilitate your transition to cloud and hosting services including post move support.

Managing different IT and security vendors

MicroAge can provide a one-stop shop for all our IT and physical security needs.

Awareness of new technologies and how that apply to your business

We regularly meet with the best vendors and manufacturers to keep abreast of the latest IT development and can provide personalized insights to your specific business needs.

Managing IT costs

Arrange for managed solutions for a predictable monthly fee or use the pay as you require services.