Flexible design for the most complex corporate environments, the ActivPanel Titanium for the workplace improves the collaboration and meeting experience for any size company. Ideal for corporate training centers, conference rooms, and huddle spaces, the ActivPanel integrates seamlessly into the corporate meeting environments for Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Cisco Webex and all other meeting solutions

ActivPanel Titanium

ActivPanel transforms ordinary conference rooms into powerful, one-touch meeting spaces.

Flexible Innovation for Meeting Rooms 

The ActivPanel delivers the latest in touchscreen collaboration. ActivPanel is designed to complement any corporate environment. It works seamlessly with any unified communications hardware and software, including Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Webex. Combined with recommended

AV accessories, the ActivPanel integrates easily with existing equipment as well as new cameras and sound system technology.

Enterprise-class IT Support and Security 

ActivPanel integrates into any technology environment reliably and securely, and its intuitive interface means fewer frantic calls to IT during important meetings. Technology administrators have the comfort of knowing that conference room systems are secure, yet easy to use when properly integrated with their own internal IT security stack. The conference rooms become a commonly managed endpoint just like any laptop or desktop in the company.

A Writing Experience Without Limitations 

 Promethean’s VellumWriting Technology goes beyond standard touch technologies to deliver an intuitive and collaborative writing experience without limitations. It enables users to write confidently, fluidly, and naturally. The writing is fast and accurate and works just as expected. Pens write, fingers touch, and palms erase – it’s like writing on a dry erase whiteboard, only better.