Maintenance & Support

Who do you call when something isn’t working right? Maybe you already have an IT person on site, or on call that can immediately deal with it. But if you don’t, where do you go?


What are IT Maintenance and Support Services?

Whether you are a small business or a larger organization, managing, maintaining, and supporting IT assets can quickly become a hurdle for any business, especially with the mix of solutions, environments and continuous updates in the IT industry.

Our IT maintenance and support services help you get the most out of your IT investments by providing the service required to support your ongoing business operations.

We understand that IT impacts your ability to respond to business challenges and that's why we strive to deploy the right maintenance and support services to assist your team and to help your business achieve the results expected.

  • Hourly support provided by a qualified technician to assess, identify, and advise on issues you are experiencing
  • Bulk purchase support contracts with specified hours per month to allow for pro-active budgeting and access to immediate support
  • Long-term full-service support contracts with unlimited support

If something isn’t working then its costing you time, energy, and money. Having the ability to call an IT expert reduces downtime, ensures an accurate fix, and keeps your business productive.

IT Staffing Services

For some businesses the requirements for IT support outweigh a simple reactive support contract. MicroAge provides an enhanced IT Staffing service in those situations.

Whether it’s filling in for a short-term vacancy or a long-term project, rely on us to avoid any unplanned downtime. Our team can perform the job for you onsite, which is a cost-effective alternative to employing fulltime staff for temporary projects or to fill a gap in your department.

Short-and long-term contract staff:

Our contract-based IT professionals provide the ideal solution for unanticipated increases in workload, temporary staff shortages or projects requiring unique highly specialized resources. MicroAge also offers a conversion option where customers can retain the services of specific contract personnel on a permanent basis. This is an excellent solution for newly created positions.

Part- and full-time permanent staff:

Designed for time-sensitive demanding environments, our recruitment services improve the quality of your short list. Only qualified candidates are presented, thus eliminating the costs as well as the burden associated with the screening and qualification of resources.

Outsourced technical services solutions:

Leverage MicroAge’s expertise and resources to offload key support functions for your hardware, applications, and network infrastructure. MicroAge offers single-point-of-contact services to meet all your IT support requirements; 24/7 monitoring of systems, remote or resident support, vendor-certified helpdesk, and deskside support personnel.