Cyber Security Solutions

Cyber security is the practice of defending your computers, servers, mobile devices, electronic systems, networks, and data from malicious attacks.

MicroAge subscribes to a layered approach when it comes to cyber security solutions and services. We look at all the different areas of your organization. From your data, to your people, to your technology to provide the right solutions and correct level of Security for your business.

What does that mean?

The layered approach means we look at your organization from the outside in and look for places that a threat actor could exploit. We look at protecting the business, individual devices, and your individual users.

How do you do that?

By using different technologies in layers to provide staged protections against intrusion and attack, the basics are outlined here. Some items are device based and are part of our MicroAge Security Suite. Others are determined based on the business size, needs, and other data and are customized to each client.



Our Security Services


This is a device-based service that scans your entire system and all incoming and outgoing traffic to ensure that no malicious code is contained.

The older free to use antivirus software relied largely on fingerprinting, which works by cross-referencing files against a huge database of known malware. The major flaw here is that signature checkers can only detect malware that has been seen before. That’s a rather large blind spot, given that hundreds of thousands of new malware variants are created every single day.

MicroAge uses advanced AI based AV, which can be trained to recognize the signs of good and bad files, enabling it to identify malicious patterns and detect malware – regardless of whether it’s been seen before or not.

Patch Management

This is a device-based service. All software changes. Just look at the Windows updates on your home computer (or Mac) to see how often. These patches consistently contain security updates to ‘patch’ identified areas of weakness in software and firmware. This is an essential service for all systems, and we count this as part of our Security Suite as it is so integral to making sure your network is protected.

We monitor, manage, and update all connected systems to make sure they are running the latest, most secure versions of their software or firmware. And in some cases, we’ll wait on an update that may have known issues for your systems.  It’s an actively managed and monitored process that we do on your behalf.

Back Ups

Back Ups are very dependent on your individual business. Cloud based back ups require robust internet speeds and high data caps to ensure they can function as needed. On site back ups will require active management on the part of someone on site at the business. The amount of data you need backed up is a major factor in deciding on the correct format.

Back ups are the most overlooked, and most important security step a business can take. Losing your data can be devastating to a business. And the time between loss of data and regaining it can be the difference between your business surviving or not. Ransomware is a $14 Billion industry and growing daily. Having a regular, complete back up copy of your data accessible and with multiple restore points, is the best defense against having your network encrypted against you.

DNS Filtering

This is a device-based service. DNS filtering is the process of using the Domain Name System to block malicious websites and filter out harmful or inappropriate content. This ensures that your data remains secure and allows you to have control over what your employees can access on company-managed networks.

This can be as basic as not allowing users on your network to access Facebook or actively blocking off geographical regions of the Web to your network. Making sure that users don’t click on malicious links that take them to high-risk domains hosted in regions know for malicious sites.

Dark Web Monitoring

This is a device-based service. Accessing credentials through breaches in security on other sites. Unfortunately, there is a tendency to reuse passwords. If you use the same password for online shopping that you use for work, there is a chance your credentials have been compromised in a data breach you are not aware of.

MicroAge actively searches Dark Web data forums for your specific credentials and can identify when they’ve been compromised. This allows us to secure new passwords prior to them being used to negatively access your network.


A single firewall will provide the service for your entire network. A barrier between your internal network and incoming traffic from external sources (the internet) to block malicious traffic like viruses and hackers.

A Firewall scans and secures all traffic coming into and going out of your network to ensure it’s secure and does not contain malicious code. Firewalls can be fine tuned to your needs and to your internet speeds

We live in a connected world and your business is no different. You access outside networks regularly and need to be sure to protect your business from the dangers of that access as much as you need to have a security alarm and locks on your doors. Cyber Security is a necessary reality in this world, and we are experts at keeping you safe. If you don’t have any or all of these systems in place, lets talk. Whether you become a client or not, the conversation is worth having. Reach out to us for a free consultation any time.